Eletricidade sem fio?

Você já se imaginou em um mundo sem fios e cabos e ainda assim possuir todos os benefícios da eletricidade? Nikola Tesla, considerado um dos maiores inventores da idade moderna, já possuía esta ideia e, em 1894, aos 38 anos de vida, na tentativa de se aproximar da transmissão da energia elétrica sem fio, conseguiu dar início a transmissão de comunicação pelo ar, revelando uma de suas grandes invenções, a Rádio Frequência. Grande precursor desta tecnologia, Tesla ainda patenteou outras centenas de invenções como o motor assíncrono e a corrente alternada, entre outras.
Transmissão de energia sem uso de fios a curtas distâncias Energia sem fio de longa distância

  • Método de acoplamento indutivo ressonante
  • Potência até 5 kW
  • Transmissão de energia ressonante utilizando um fio
  • Ligação sem fios utilizando onda guiada subterránea
  • Potência de 100kW até 1MW

  • Protótipo de transferência de energia 25kW, Academia de Ciências Agrícolas da Federação Russa (Instituto para a eletrificação da Agricultura)

    Nossas previsões sobre o desenvolvimento e a utilização de métodos de onda guiada ressonante na transmissão de energia elétrica:

    • Substituição das
    Instalações de transmissão de ar por sistemas de onda guiada subterrânea;
    • Máquinas-robôs com corpos ativos poderão operar em plantações agrícolas;
    • Criação de um sistema global de energia solar de geração de energia elétrica para cada pessoa na Terra;
    • Lançamento de veículos espacias da Terra com propulsão a jato elétrico. Eles terão uma razão de massa de carga útil ao lançamento de massa 80-90% ao invés de 5% de hoje;
    • Fonte de alimentação de aeronaves no espaço e transmissão de energia elétrica para objetos na Terra feita por meio de métodos sem fio;
    • Utilização de métodos de ressonância para o tratamento médico de pessoas e animais, para a exterminação de ervas daninhas (no lugar de pesticidas), para tornar a água potável e desinfecção de resíduos, para a criação de novos materiais especialmente puros (em primeiro lugar solar de silício) e para a produção de hidrogênio.

    Tesla Innovation Patent - Wireless Energy Transmission using Laser Beams and the conductive layer of the Ionosphere (Стребков Дмитрий Семенович; Авраменко Станислав Викторович)
    Nikola Tesla - Sistema Global de Transmissão de Energia Sem Fios

    The big energy companies control 99 percent of the market, but energy cooperatives -- democratically run community renewable energy programmes -- are springing up in the fight against the "fossil fuel economy".

    So if we can't leave it to our utility companies, and the lobbying power that comes with their position means government is unlikely to take drastic measures, who can we depend on to deliver the energy we want and that the planet needs? The answer might be that we have to do it ourselves.

    The Tesla Energy Global Cooperative plans global construction of Thermal Solar Power Plants in planetary localities with high solar radiation. The first pilot project of Tesla Energy Cooperative Solar Power Plant and FREE DECENTRILIZED ENERGY distribution and transmission facility is planned to be built in Brazil. The decentralized free energy distribution facility is a combined effort of the Nikola Tesla Institute in Brasilia and Tesla Energia Brasil ltda. The prototype facility is based on long distance Resonance Waveguide energy transmission using one wire, and induction energy transmission in short distance applications.

    Tesla Energy Cooperative BitCoin Fund

    The Tesla Energy Cooperative is bringing together some of the brightest minds from many disciplines to act as guardians of the vision of Nikola Tesla for world-wide free energy. But what good is collaboration without an ability, particularly a financial ability, to implement solutions? With this bitcoin fund any payments made today enable the Tesla Energy Cooperative to be the beneficiary of the massive wealth transfer benefiting holders of bitcoins and practically that means an increased financial ability stored in a censorship-resistant currency to implement solutions to the energy problem of humanity. The early payments to the Tesla Energy Cooperative Fund enable you to take part in a global push for resource decentralization and energy independence, and be eligible for the wireless energy re-distribution program in your region.

    Crypto-currencies have many advantages over old-fashioned government-backed money. For example they enable transparency, enabling the Tesla Energy Cooperative to show that our donations are stored in this BitCoin wallet.

    BitCoins also allow people in less developed countries to have access to the rest of the world. For example, PayPal alone blocks access to over 60 countries, and many credit card companies have similar restrictions. Some are blocked for political reasons, some because of higher fraud rates, and some for other financial reasons. Whatever the reason, we don’t think a human being from Haiti, Ethiopia, or Kenya should have diminished access to the world because of payment issues they can’t control. Our goal is to enable people, not block them.

    Tesla Energy Global Distribution System

    Resonance methods of electric power transmission

    More than one hundred seven years ago Nikola Tesla published the results of his
    experiments on the resonance method of electric power transmission. Resonance methods of electric power transmission were found useful for high frequencies in radio engineering and communication engineering and they are also used on low frequencies in electrothermics. This third method can interfere in the competition between systems of electric power transfer using direct and alternating current:
    the resonance waveguide method of electric power transmission on heightened frequency, which was proposed by Tesla in 1897 for the first time.

    Current in cylindrical waveguides is closed in the form of displacement currents flowing along the waveguide's axis; and current in the single waveguide is closed in the form of displacement currents in the environment around the conductor. In connection with the presence of a phase difference between, waves of current and voltage, surface charges appear on the surface of the single opened conductor. They create coulomb exciting electric fields and these fields lead to the occurrence of coulomb currents in the conductor. Thus, a potential electric field is generated in the conductor, which provides for charges transfer and current in the conductor. The described processes have an electrostatic nature and are accompanied by small losses in the conductor.

    Single wire electric power with Earth return

    Renewable-based electric grids are increasingly being viewed as an attractive alternative for providing power to rural communities. Technology options include small hydropower, biomass-powered generators, small geothermal, PV, solarthermal, wind turbines and hybrid systems with back-up diesel generator, which may be connected to the social utility. Implementation of renewable-based technologies for rural electrification would contribute to the social and economic growth of the rural communities and would serve sustainable progress of the remote regions.

    Tesla's U.S. Patent No. 593,138 titled "Electrical Transformer"

    The electric grid faces specific problems of non-efficient operations, including transmission losses and the high cost of grid extension in remote sparsely populated areas. For example off-shore wind turbine, micro-hydro or geothermal generator are often located far from consumer and requires costly installation of long distance transmission line which usually has from 6% to 10% electric losses.

    The principle of single wire electric power system's operation is based on the fact, that in no load operation mode the active current and the magnetic field of the line are equal to zero, while the electric field has maximum value and it is created by reactive displacement current which is charging the capacitance of the line. it is well known, that the displacement current is not affected by Ohm's law and Joule's law, that is why Joule (resistance) losses are equal to zero.


    1. S. Avramenko. The method for electric power transmission and device for its realization. Russian Pat #210649 from 11.04.1995." Published in Patent Bulletin* m from 10.04.98.
    2. S. Avramenko et al. Apparatus and method for single Sine electrical transmission. 3. European Patent # 0639301. Priority claimed 08.05.92 (Russia). Published in European Patent Bulletin 97/36 of 03.09.97

    Wireless power transmission through rarefied gas
    The closed circuit system consists of a large Tesla Magnifying transmitter, an ionized path connecting the transmitter to the upper atmosphere, the upper atmosphere, a second ionized path connecting the upper atmosphere back down to a receiving location, and the receiver itself. The circuit back to the transmitter is completed through the Earth.
    Nikola Tesla did actually carry out an experimental demonstration of power transmission through rarefied gas before an official of the Patent Office. From the patent it may be seen that the pressure in the tube was between 120 and 150 mm Hg. Tesla’s demonstration for the U.S. Patent Office, on January 23, 1898, at his Houston St. laboratory in New York City, was to show of the practicability of transmission of electrical energy in industrial amounts by the method and apparatus described in “System of Transmission of Electrical Energy,” U.S. Patent No. 645,576, dated March 20, 1900 and “Apparatus for Transmission of Electrical Energy,” U.S. Patent No. 649,621, dated May 15, 1900. 
    Using the Ionosphere for Global Wireless Energy Transmission

    Wireless Energy Transmission using Laser Beams
    and the conductive layer of the Ionosphere
    Lasers 6 and 16 by fast electrons, one of which is installed in the vicinity of one electromagnetic wave generator and the second energy from the receiver 9 , create conducting channels 5 and 15 between the conductive layer 18 in the ionosphere and the oscillator 1 and receiver energy 9 mounted on the Earth 19. Conducting channel 5 is created by photoionization of air in the rays of lasers and providing to the 4 channels of high voltage transformers Tesla 3 and 12 at the oscillator 1 and a power receiver 9. Laser power of 100 kW , the power generator of electromagnetic waves 11 MW - 10,000 MW. High voltage transformers Tesla 3,125-50 million volts .

    Device for transmitting electrical energy works as follows.

    As a result, ionization and breakdown electric conductor 5 and the channel 12 there is a high concentration of electrons and ions and under the action of the Coulomb forces occurs and the movement of electric charges electromagnetic energy from the generator 1 to a receiver 9, along the line formed by the two conducting channels 5 and 15 and the conductive ionospheric layer 18 between the channels. Electrical energy flows through the conductive channels 5 and 15 to the high voltage Tesla coil 12 and then through a rectifier 10 to the receiver of energy 9. The frequency of electromagnetic waves is selected in the range of 1 to 500 kHz, the power transmission conditions of a resonant mode using the LC resonance circuit 13 3 and the capacitance and inductance Tesla transformer 3 and 12, and the conducting channels 5 and 15 and 18 of the conductive layer of the ionosphere .
    Laser Guided Energy is a revolutionary technology which can precisely transmit high voltage electrical charges by using an Ultra Short Pulse (USP) laser to create a conductive path in the atmosphere.
    Global Solar Wireless Energy System

    Global Mean Solar Irradiance with Tesla Energy Cooperative power plants locations
    (Brazil, Mexico, Chad, China, Australia)

    The planned Thermal Solar Energy power plants to deliver Electrical Energy globally using resonance waveguide method to cooperative users.  
    The Tesla Energy Global Distribution System plans to deliver energy not only to your homes, but to your electric cars and mobile devices as well!

    In order to make the global solar system operate, it is necessary to organize
    transcontinental terawatt (TW) flow of electric power. Resonance technologies of electric power transmission will be used for creating the global energy system. Mankind will be able to unite and concentrate its energy reserves and technologies in order to create adequate living conditions for every person and realization of important scientific and technical projects on Earth and in space.
    Brazil - Map of direct normal Solar radiation with the pilot plant and global distribution center location Brazil and the South Atlantic Anomaly
    The South Atlantic Anomaly is an area where the Earth's inner radiation belt comes closest to the Earth's surface. This leads to an increased flux of energetic particles in this region which is exposed to higher than usual levels of radiation.

    The effect is caused by the non-concentricity of the Earth and its magnetic dipole. Observations using a variety of instruments such as vertical sounding ionosondes, riometers and VLF receivers have provided evidences of the enhanced ionization due to energetic particle precipitation in the ionosphere over Brazil. Brazil is closer to the Earth’s radiation belt than other countries. It is near the magnetic equator, and the magnetic intensity around that equator is not constant but varies, because of irregularities in the structure of the field. Near Brazil that magnetic field is at its weakest.

    Satellite observations of enhanced energetic particle fluxes in the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly region have been supported by ground-based observations of enhanced ionization induced by particle precipitation in the ionosphere over this region. The extra ionization at E-layer heights produces enhanced ionospheric conductivity within and around the anomaly region.

    Atmospheric Electron Beams and Equatorial Flux Tubes
    Natural Waveguides for Resonant Wireless Energy Transmission

    TESLA ENERGIA 2013, Brasil